Metalbest RV 8″ Type B Gas Vent 3.5″ to 10.5″ Adjustable Pipe Length Free Shipping

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Product Overview

8″ Type B Gas Vent 3.5″ to 10.5″ Adjustable Pipe Length from the RV Collection

Pipe lengths provide the core part of the chimney system. Pipes should match the inside diameter of all other pieces and all pieces should be from the same manufacturer. This round pipe is easy to assemble and can be combined to obtain the required installation height. This pipe adjusts from 3.5″ to 10.5″ and combines with a straight length and assure an exact required length can be achieved. It allows for easy disassembly and can absorb the linear expansion of longer pipe lengths.

The RV series offers round gas vent pipe and fittings for residential, commercial and industrial applications. It features a snap together, non-positional lock system, die formed ends, and eliminates the need for all cutting, fitting and special engineering. It has an improved joint design provides for a rapid and secure connection in seconds. The use of our “LockTab” feature gives installers the option of engaging this tab instead of using sheet metal screws, when required by local code.


  • Residential and light commercial and industrial
  • Materials: Galvanized steel outer and aluminum inner liner
  • Easy to use LockTab or non-positional lock system
  • Fuel: Gas
  • UL 441 listed
  • Minimum Safety Clearance to Combustibles:
    • 1″ for diameters of 3″ to 24″
    • 2″ for diameters 26″ to 48″
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty
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