Heat-Fab 18″ Saf-T Vent GC Mitre Cut Screen Termination Is Having A Massive 52% Off Sale

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Product Overview

18″ Mitre Cut Screen Termination

Saf-T Vent® GC is a single-wall venting system fabricated from AL 29-4C® stainless steel. Designed for multiple applications, Saf-T Vent GC can be installed for use as Saf-T Vent Special Gas Vent, Saf-T Vent Gas Vent Connector, and Saf-T Vent Masonry Chimney Liner.

Saf-T Vent GC is fabricated from AL 29-4C stainless steel, a corrosive-resistant alloy high in both chromium and molybdenum. The combination of AL 29-4C and smooth-wall design makes Saf-T Vent GC uniquely corrosion resistant and high-temperature tolerant, while giving it desirable flow characteristics not found in other venting systems or chimney lining systems.`

  • 18 through 32-inch diameters – Field applied silicone sealant required.
  • AL 29-4C® Stainless Steel.
  • Patented Sure-Seal closure system.
  • For use as Special Gas Vent, Gas Vent Connector or Masonry Chimney Liner.
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