72% Off With Noritz Concentric Stainless Steel Horizontal Termination

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Product Overview

The CVT-S horizontal termination maintains the same beautiful stainless steel design that Noritz is best known for. The CVT-S is a straight termination piece that comes with the bird screen as well as the outer plate needed to put the final touch on your vent line. As part of the N-Vent series, this product is UL approved category III venting, and is an integral part of the quick-snap connection system, known for easy installation and forming tight seals.

Termination: Utilize the CVT-S termination components to place that final touch on your vent line. The durability and strength of its stainless steel design is paired with its single-wall penetration construction and ease of install design making it the perfect fit in almost horizontal termination application. In addition, this piece is part of the N-Vent series so it’s approved for tankless and boiler stainless steel exhaust installations, enabling you to know you’ve made the right choice in both form and function.


  • Straight bird screen with outer plate
  • Push-on connection
  • Single-wall penetration
  • Heat and chemical resistant rubber O-ring for secure sealing

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